Evénements à venir

Samedi 12 mai. 18 h

Concert - Conférence à la médiathèque de Gisors.


Lundi 17 septembre. 14 h

Concert - Conférence au théâtre de la Huchette. Paris



TransparenceS, the Glass Orchestra, has evolved with a soloist, a harp duo, trio, quartet and quintet.

Since 1988 TransparenceS, assisted by professional musicians and availed with a rich collection instruments, has brought listeners an eclectic repertoire and is well-placed to keep very wide-ranging audiences happy: children, students, adults, family audiences; those in the know and novices alike. The programmes embrace all styles and all periods.

Creating its glass harmonicas and seraphs (glass musical sets), the Glass Orchestra plays an original repertoire written for these instruments and whose exceptional character endures in this era of electronic tones. The works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Gottlied Naumann, Johann Friedrich Reichardt, Karl Leopold Röllig, Joseph Haydn, Johann Wenzel Tomascheck, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti and Johann Christian Bach, rediscovered unpublished works...

Adaptations from the classical repertoire

The musical use of glass bells and struck glass is thought to have originated in the 15th century: the crystal bells and chimes of TransparenceS bring new life to this repertoire. A wide range of tones is used to perform classical pieces for a new listening experience while remaining true to the original work: Guillaume de Machaut, John Cage, Jean Sebastian Bach, Frantz Schubert, Maurice Ravel, Camille Saint Saëns and Eric Satie...

World music (Romanian, Balinese, Arab-Andalucian, Yiddish, Irish, Swedish, Brazilian, …)

Jazz and “standards”.

Original pieces written for TransparenceS.

A musically open mind allied to professionalism have helped our instrumental ensemble gain regular invitations to prestigious festivals, varied artistic, festive and cultural performances, extraordinary events and dramatic art creations.
Let’s think about and decide together the programmes and activities that will satisfy your public.


Glassharmonica : professional musicians

Glass music Original pieces